With a speed of up to 400 characters per second, the T5040 processes various print media such as passports and savings books, cheques and receipts, all the way up to A5 and A4 form templates. The T5040N is suitable for shared access and can be easily integrated into networks thanks to an integrated Ethernet interface.

The flatbed design guarantees the most secure paper processing, while additional functions such as automatic document alignment and automatic print head clearance (AGA) offer unsurpassed ease-of-use.
Highlights at a glance
  • Processing of diverse materials
  • Automatic adjustment of print-head distance
  • Automatic registration of forms, passports and passbooks
  • Automatic paper edge detection
  • Simultaneous connection to several systems via serial, parallel or USB and 2nd serial interface
  • DIN letter printing in 11.8 seconds

  • T5040 standard model
  • T5040N model with Ethernet interface
  • T5040 MSR-H with horizontal magnetic stripe reader
Flatbed Printer T5040

Flatbed Printer T5040

Print head 24 pins
Print speed up to 600 char/sec.
Print volume up to 5.000 transactions/month
Resolution up to 360 x 360 dpi
Interfaces T5040:
1x par., 1x ser., 1x USB
1x par., 1x ser., 1x USB, 1x Ethernet
Emulations IBM, Epson, Olivetti
Print width 94 characters at 10 cpi
Copies 1 original and 4 copies
Models, options and consumables
Model overview
  • T5040 standard model (Part-No. 043 379)
  • T5040 incl. 2. serial interface (Part-No. 043 716)
  • T5040N inkl. Ethernet interdface (Part-No. 043 802) 
  • T5040 MSR-H incl. magnetic stripe reader (Part-No. 043 380)
  • T5040 MSR-H incl. magnetic stripe reader and 2. serial interface (Part-No. 043 717)


  • Ribbon black (10 mio. char) (Part-No. 043 393)
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